Are you trying to make some changes in your life, but you find yourself taking the clichéd one step forward and two steps back? Does it feel like the only progress you’re making is backwards? Does it feel like you’re in this constant cycle of “I’ll start again on Monday?” Are you wondering how to make change stick?

If this is you, then I feel you. I don’t know how many times I’ve declared to my husband that I’m giving up sugar for good only to find myself diving into an entire bag of something sweet and promising myself that I’ll start again on Monday.

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FINDING YOUR INNER VOICE – The Power of Intuition

Finding your true purpose and manifesting your best self are big topics of conversation these days. My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of articles talking about the power of intuition. The power of finding your true purpose. And the power of living a soul-aligned life.

And to be honest, I’ve been a bit resistant.

It all sounds amazing, but I couldn’t quite figure out how it would fit into my life. I couldn’t fathom even hearing what my soul was trying to tell me over the noise of my anxiety and chronic pain.

It was taking all of my energy just to keep myself upright.

All I could see was a future of constantly battling to just be present in my life, never mind change it into something amazing.

How could I nurture my soul when my body and my mind were in full rebellion?

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Have you ever taken a moment to wonder what life would be like without your chronic illness? If you’re like me, I’m sure the answer is a resounding yes! I’ve tried hard not to think about it too much, because I don’t want my life to be defined by what I can’t have. And by its very definition, a chronic illness is something you’re going to have forever – there’s supposed to be no getting better.

But what if you do?



It’s no secret that kids can be exasperating. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. You go out of your way to plan an adventure, and by mid way through the day, they’re whining, arguing and misbehaving.

It’s exhausting and infuriating.

What’s going on? Why do our attempts to enrich our kids’ lives so often result in our kids ruining the day? Why can’t our kids see how lucky they are to get to go to all those sporting events, festivals, historic sites and museums that we drag them to?

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SUGAR IS BAD – But Your Thoughts Might Be The Bigger Problem!

Sugar is bad.

It’s pretty hard to argue with that statement, and yet, sugar is so good and therein lies the problem. We know that we should give up sugar because, well, sugar is bad. But at the same time most of us don’t want to give it up, because it tastes so good.

And who wants to give up something they like? Certainly not me!

But if you’re like me, sugar has come to mean much more than a sweet treat to make a hard day better or good day amazing. In fact, I would argue that a lifetime of using sugar as a coping mechanism has turned sugar into something much more sinister for me.

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How To Be Active When You’ve Been Sidelined With CHRONIC PAIN

One of the biggest challenges that came with the onset of my chronic pain was losing my active lifestyle. I’ve been a pretty active person most of my life, but when the pain hit, I just didn’t have the mental or physical energy to be active. And I’m betting that if you’ve got a chronic condition, then you’ve got a similar challenge.

When pain is sucking up your already limited energy reserves, and what the pain leaves behind is snatched up by the demands of every day life (like showering and going to work), it’s pretty hard to find some left over energy to get out there and stay fit.

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Do you find yourself trying to add just one more thing to your already overpacked schedule, because, on top of everything else you’ve got on your plate, you know you’ve got to be aiming for the next big thing: a better career, a bigger house, another car, a bit of celebrity? Do you feel like you’ve constantly got to be working on achieving something more just to feel relevant?

In this fast-paced, achievement oriented, modern world, is it even possible to just be yourself and still feel like you’re accomplishing something?

Is it okay to step off the achievement treadmill and live an ordinary life?

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FAILING AS A PARENT – I Don’t Have the Strength to Parent this Child!

Have you ever felt like you’re failing as a parent? Have you ever looked in the eyes of your child and thought that you don’t know how to be a parent to him/her? And that you just might be permanently scarring his/her soul?

These are dark thoughts as a parent, and they certainly aren’t the kind of things that you want to admit to in the light of day. Before I became a parent, I had a pretty good idea about what kind of parent I was going to be.

I got it all wrong.

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TAKEN FOR GRANTED – A Tribute to the Ones Who Stand Behind Us and Give Us Strength

Success drives our society. Or at least you would think that if the only frame of reference you had was social media. With just the briefest of scans you’ll find endless memes and quotes and blogs posts about achieving success. What you don’t hear much about are those people who give us the strength to chase that success – and those people have been taken for granted.

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GOING SUGAR-FREE – 4 Approaches To Get You There

Did you wake up one day and decide that going sugar-free was something you needed to do for your health? Or have you been thinking about it for a while. Have you tried to cut out the white stuff only to find yourself over-indulging on a daily basis?

Are you finding that going sugar-free just might be too much?

You’re not alone.

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