My Fruit Sweetened Muffin Recipe

My twins LOVE to help me bake.  When trying to be sugar-free or at least sugar-aware, baking can be challenging because, of course, most baked goods are sweet – at least the ones I like.

Maple sugar and honey are still sugar.

I’ve searched for ‘sugar-free’ recipes, but have found that recipes listed as sugar-free are often just free of processed white sugar.  The recipes are often sweetened with maple syrup or honey – which, I hate to break it to you, are still sugar.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t on my approved list either.

If the recipes don’t have overt sugar added, then they have some form of artificial sweetener – I also try to avoid these.  Some of these, like aspartame, I avoid even more strenuously than sugar.

So what to do?

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CHRONIC PAIN – So, I chose not to run.

I’ve had a lesson in keeping challenges flexible.

The day of third race in the Vancouver Island Trail Running Series came, and I made the decision NOT to run.

Okay, I’d mostly made the decision the night before, but it took the light of day shining on the reality of the situation to truly convince me of what I NEEDED to do.

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THE LOGISTICS OF TWINS – Hiking by stages

My twins were still pretty little when the itch to get back out into the wild began to be unbearable.  But as amazing as my double stroller was, it was useless for rugged hiking trails.  How was I going to do it?  I needed to figure out “hiking by stages.”

I immediately went to the internet and started a ‘googling’ frenzy; I can be pretty focused when I’m on a mission – one might venture to say obsessed even.  The thing was, I couldn’t really find anything on the internet about hiking with infant twins.  My conclusion was that there wasn’t any information out there, and I was on my own to figure it out.

I’m refusing to acknowledge the possibility that I just completely sucked at using internet search engines.

So, I’m here to share with WHAT I LEARNED about hiking with infant and toddler twins.

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CHRONIC PAIN – To run or not to run?

Recently, I was faced with a decision: To participate in a trail running race or not.  Basically, to run or not to run!

The race was the third race in a series of trail races.  It was 7 km long with unknown elevation gain.  I completed the first two races in the series without any real problems.

Although, my legs were so SORE after the first one that I could barely walk for a week.

The race was doable.

At least it normally would’ve been.

How did I get here?

About five months ago, a friend asked me if I was interested in signing up for the Vancouver Island Trail Running Series.  I was EXCITED.  I’d wanted to complete this challenge for several years.  It was on my bucket list, so to speak.

My first instinct was to say: “YES!”

My second thought was: “Is this something I should take on this year?”

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LIVING SUGAR-FREE – 5 strategies for waging the sugar battle


I can’t quite remember the moment it happened.  I mean, I guess I always knew it on some level – but if I remember correctly, it took watching a documentary on the dangers of sugar for me to clue in that I needed to start living sugar-free.

Not sure why I needed someone to tell me.  Now that I’ve figured it out, it seems like one of those COMMON-SENSE things.

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It wasn’t like I grew up in a household where it was a sugar free for all.  In fact, my mom worked hard to keep our meals healthy and limit the amount of processed and sugary foods we ate.  We really only had them when we’d go camping, and that was only to prevent my brothers and me from going crazy when we’d go to birthday parties and such.

Anyway, I watched a documentary.  I could probably figure out which one, if I thought about it hard enough, but the exact one isn’t important.   What is important is that it suddenly dawned on me that the sugary comfort food that I was liberally consuming was basically POISONING me. Continue reading “LIVING SUGAR-FREE – 5 strategies for waging the sugar battle”

CHRONIC PAIN – How it engulfed my life

I’ve had a few different struggles in my life.  Who hasn’t right?  But about two years ago my health took a turn for the worse that I still haven’t recovered from – and I’m starting to think that I never will.

Was it cancer?



For all of you out there who have never experienced chronic pain, you may be thinking: “Well it could be much worse. It’s not like it’s fatal.”

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And you’d be right.  There is always something worse, and I’m not going to die from it.  But it has impacted my life in such a profound way, that I don’t even think that I’m the same person that I was before.

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AN ACTIVE PARENT OF TWINS – It’s all about logistics

Having twins makes everything harder, especially when their young.  Does that mean you have to give everything up? Or can you be an active parent of twins?

When I first saw the two little bean-shaped beings on the ultra-sound and realized that we were having twins, I was elated.

My first thought was that this was one of the most amazing things that could’ve happened to us at this moment in time.  I mean every little girl that dreams about having a baby secretly dreams about how perfect it would be to have twins, right? And getting pregnant hadn’t been easy for us (thus seeing our two babies for the first time when they were only a few weeks old and looked like beans instead of humans).

Plus, let’s not forget that I wasn’t getting any younger; so, two at once was just right.

My second thought was do I have to give up the active lifestyle that I love because how on earth can I take two babies hiking let alone backpacking? And obviously, I can’t take them on my bike once they out grow the trailer…

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