WHEN SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT HAS CHRONIC PAIN – 10 ways to show your support

I know that my chronic pain isn’t just tough for me; it’s also difficult for the people who care about me.

When you don’t really understand what a person is going through, it can be hard to know what to do or say.  It’s kind of like when someone you care about loses someone they love – you just don’t know what to say.

You might be attempted to just avoid me – it’s easier that way.  But, I’d like to appeal to the empathic side of you and ask that you seek me out instead.  My illness is already very isolating, and I would love your company.

Here are some tips to help you show your support when I’m in pain:

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My Low-Sugar Lentil Brownie Recipe

What on earth do you do when you misjudge how many lentils to cook?  Especially, if your kids balked at the meal you made with those lentils?

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As I was planning for my inaugural backpacking trip with my six-year old twins, I spent a lot of time planning what our meals would be.

There are lots of options when choosing what kind of food to take backpacking, and let’s be honest, food can definitely make or break a trip.  So what should you take?

Now that depends…

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STAYING ACTIVE – 10 reasons coming in last place is better

All my life I’ve strived to be #1 at something.  It hasn’t really happened yet, although my kids might tell you that I’m their #1 mom, my husband might say I’m his #1 wife, and my parents might say I’m their number one daughter – but I won those by default so… they don’t really count.

Since having my life engulfed by chronic pain, I’ve had several epiphanies and my latest is that I’ve been going about things all wrong.

There’s no need to struggle for an elusive spot on the winner’s podium because LAST PLACE is actually preferable. Click To Tweet

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BACKPACKING WITH YOUNG TWINS – What was in our packs?

When I decided to embark on PROJECT BACKPACKING with my 6 year-old twins, my mind immediately turned to trying to figure out EXACTLY what I needed to take for TWO NIGHTS on a wilderness beach.

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CHRONIC-PAIN- Calling in sick

I called in SICK today.

This in itself is not noteworthy.  You might be wondering why I would even bother to bring it up.

I am sick today.  I will spare you the details; however, it’s important that you know that I’m in fact sick.  I have sick days available to me.  I haven’t done anything against company policy.  I’ve no doubt that my colleagues would agree with me that it was APPROPRIATE to call in sick today.

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PARENTING WHEN YOUR CHILD ISN’T A CHILD – Missed opportunity to connect

Looking back to when my oldest son was little, I can remember thinking that things would get easier when he wasn’t a child any more.  Parenting had to get easier once your children had grown-up, right?  Wrong – parenting adult children is hard! Continue reading “PARENTING WHEN YOUR CHILD ISN’T A CHILD – Missed opportunity to connect”


At the heart of PROJECT BACKPACKING (Learn more about the birth of PROJECT BACKPACKING) was the question:


The short answer is YES!  I just have to do things a little differently than when I go with my husband or friends.

The long answer would be the subject of another blog posting.  But read on for the lessons learned backpacking to Mystic Beach with my 6 year-old twins.

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KEEPING MY KIDS SUGAR-FREE – 8 strategies for breaking the sugar-cycle

I’ve had a life-long struggle with sugar – well at least since I was an adolescent – but being ‘sugar-free’ isn’t just about me and my ‘sugar addiction,’ I’m also trying to minimize the amount of sugar my kids eat.  I’m trying to teach them to live a ‘sugar-free’ life.  My ultimate goal is keeping my kids sugar-free.

I’m trying to make sugar-free (or at least low sugar) normal.

My hope was that if I started them out early on a ‘sugar-free’ path, maybe I could break the societal cycle of celebrating sugar – or just celebrating every aspect of life with sugary treats.

Yes, I recognize that this was a naïve goal.  I mean, despite my own parents’ efforts to raise me on wholesome meals and minimize junk, I’ve had sugar issues that stretch back into my childhood.  I can remember sneaking sugar to satisfy my intense cravings.

I remember eating the jam from the jar.

But I still think it’s important to try.

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The day of our inaugural backpacking trip had finally arrived.  The plan was for the twins and me to hike to Mystic Beach to camp right on the beach for two nights.  It was just me and two six year-olds with our packs on our backs. That’s right, I’m going backpacking with twins!

What could go wrong?

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