12 Negative Things my Chronic Pain Makes Me Feel

I try to be positive in spite of my chronic pain.  I don’t want to let it drag me down too much.  But, sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the negatives.  Right now is one of those times.

I’m currently in a deep pain flare.  The pain is intense, and it’s been going on long enough that I’m struggling to remind myself that there will be an end to it; that at some point the pain will retreat enough that I can focus on getting back to my life.

I think this one is a particularly challenging one because just last week I was feeling pretty good.  Not perfect, the pain was still there, but it was mild enough to ignore.

Truth be told, I probably ended up in this severe pain flare because of that ‘good’ week; I probably didn’t get enough rest.  Okay, so I know I didn’t get enough rest, but I was having fun, and it felt so good – like I was a normal person.  But, going to the pub three times in five days was arguably a bad decision.

Despite the distress I’m in, when I sat down to write, I was still determined to write an upbeat blog post.  But after staring at a blank white screen for a while, I succumbed to the call of the ‘dark side.’

Besides, maybe always putting a positive face on things isn’t the best way to garner support from others.  Maybe, occasionally sharing the darkness might help others understand what is going on, and how they might be able to help.

The following are the negative things that my chronic pain makes me feel – not all of the time, but often enough to be a serious factor in my emotional health.

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I recently read an article about Disneyland Paris refusing to allow a young boy to participate in the ‘princess for a day’ experience, and it got me thinking.  I realized that I had some things to say about it.  You see, my son wears dresses, so I have an opinion.

This particular case happened in Europe, but I can just as easily see it happening here.

I can understand how it happened.  Despite all the ‘awareness’ that is in the media etc., people still have deeply rooted beliefs about what is acceptable, and what is not, and for some reason, there is still a strong belief that it’s somehow wrong for boys to wear or like things that are viewed as being for girls.

I think this belief, that is still so prevalent in our society, is sad and so very damaging. Click To Tweet

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I’VE GOT TWINS – The evolution of biking

I recently saw a poster with the following quote:

“The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.” Unknown Click To Tweet

And while I was unable to figure out whom to attribute the quote to, it doesn’t lessen the truth of the words.

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#MeToo – A movement I can (reluctantly) join

I’m not going to lie; I didn’t want to write this post.  I hesitated for a significant amount of time, before I finally made myself sit down and write it.

There are lots of reasons why I didn’t want to write it.

Part of it was that I didn’t just want to jump on the latest bandwagon.  But then, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The whole point of the #MeToo movement is to start a conversation.

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CHRONIC PAIN – This is my pain

If you know me, whether through my internet presence or in real life, you might know that I have chronic pain.  I blog about it, and I sometimes even admit to it when I’m face to face.  But what does that really mean?  What is it that I’m talking about? Continue reading “CHRONIC PAIN – This is my pain”


Let me set the scene for you. We arrived at the Esquimalt Lantern festival just after supper.  We’d been healthy and gentle on the environment by riding our bikes.  We were ready to enjoy some good community fun, and what was the first thing my twins see?

It wasn’t the beautiful lanterns on display.

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WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAS A CHRONIC ILLNESS – 10 reasons my husband is amazing!

I won the ‘love lottery’ when I met my husband.

I’m not saying that he’s perfect.  I’m not saying that he doesn’t drive me crazy sometimes (both in good and bad ways –wink, wink).  And I’m not saying that our marriage has been all smooth sailing.

WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAS A CHRONIC ILLNESS - 10 reasons my husband is amazing!

What I am saying is, he’s an amazing person, and I’m so very lucky that he’s mine.

Having a chronic condition takes a lot of my attention.  In the daily struggle to keep participating in my own life, it’s easy to get narrow vision and lose sight of the things that are going on around me.  In the haze of pain and anxiety that clouds pretty much my every waking moment, it’s easy to forget that I’m not the only one suffering. Continue reading “WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAS A CHRONIC ILLNESS – 10 reasons my husband is amazing!”

ADVENTURE WANTED – Tropical heat a must

I was at a wedding recently.  The young couple had been together for 10 years, and their beautiful wedding day was a testament to their love.   I was so happy to have been invited to share in their day, BUT…

During the ceremony and the speeches there was this theme of ADVENTURE – people were talking about the adventures they’d already had and the adventures that they’d embark on together now that they were married.

It got me thinking.

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BACKPACKING – Choosing a pack for your twins (or any children really)

The decision has been made to go on a backpacking trip with your young twins (or any combination of young children.)

 The destination has been chosen – in our case Mystic Beach in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.


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