TWINS – One birthday party or two? A lesson in simplifying


The introduction of twins into my life was akin to inviting two tornadoes into my home.

The chaos feels constant.

I try to remind myself to keep it simple – SIMPLIFY is my new catch phrase (or maybe it’s more like a coping mechanism).  But it’s not always easy.

And I’m learning that birthday parties are no exception.

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I DON’T HAVE ASPIRATIONS FOR MY KIDS & NEITHER SHOULD YOU: a reminder of what a parent’s job really is.

As parents today, we are inundated with messages about how we should be parenting our children.  We are told about all the things that our children need to be doing to get the best start in life.  There’s so much information and so many opportunities that it’s overwhelming.  It’s easy to get caught in the trap of parental aspirations.

We want our children to excel. We want them to have a better life than we did. And anything less is a step back and a failure – right? Click To Tweet

Not in my opinion.

Maybe dreaming big for our kids isn’t actually our job as parents…

But if having aspirations for our children to conquer the world isn’t our job, what is?

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Was it really backpacking if it was only 2 km?

If you’ve been reading along with me, you already know that I’ve been obsessed with getting off the beaten path, out of the overcrowded campsites, and back into the serenity of the backcountry with my six-year old twins.  If you haven’t been following along, you can read about our inaugural backpacking trip here and how we prepared here.

But looking back on the adventures of the summer, it might possibly be time for a reality check. Click To Tweet

I’ve been really proud about finally getting my twins out on the trail with their backpacks on their backs and actually backpacking.

But let’s get real for a moment.  From the parking lot to the far end of Mystic Beach, where we pitched our tent, is a grand total of 2.3km (1.5 miles for those of you who don’t do metric).   Does that even count?  Or is that more like a gentle stroll around the block with the dog?

Did we actually accomplish anything noteworthy?

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November is a busy time of year.  We’ve just barely gotten through Halloween, and we are still doing battle over all of the candy.  Christmas is on the horizon, and for me, I have three birthdays to plan.  It’s easy to let November 11th slip by without more than a cursory nod.  Because who does it really hurt if I don’t fully embrace Remembrance Day?  If I just remember without participating in the ceremonies and rituals around Remembrance Day, what harm am I doing?

The answer is that I’m hurting my children – not in a tangible way, not in a way that they’d be able to look back and point a finger at me and say that I let them down.  But, if I allow Remembrance Day to pass without honouring the veterans with an outward show of remembrance and thanks, then I’m failing as their parent to teach them the importance of the sacrifices so many have made and are continuing to make to give my children the life they have.

And the best way to teach them is to show them. Click To Tweet
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REDUCING MY BLOGGING SCHEDULE – A lesson in PACING for chronic pain sufferers

Since I launched my blog,, I’ve stuck to my schedule of posting twice a week, and I’ve enjoyed it, really enjoyed it.  I have to admit I’ve even become a little obsessed with checking my daily ‘hits.’ But my body might be telling me that I need to slow down and start pacing myself.

But since then, I’ve come to the hard realization that it’s going to have to change.  I’m going to have to cut back to posting only once a week.

My health just can’t keep paying the price. Click To Tweet
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8 Positive Things I Feel Despite My Chronic Pain

It can be easy to focus only on all of the negative things when you’re in pain.  And, I have to admit that my last two chronic pain posts were pretty heavy.  I guess they reflected where I was at in the moment that I wrote them.  I have to admit I’d been seized by a particularly tenacious pain flare, and I was feeling pretty grim with a side of hopeless.

Read about the 12 Negative Things My Chronic Pain Makes Me Feel.

I’ve come out of it now, and I thought the time was right to do something a little more positive.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t fool anybody if I tried to pretend that having a chronic condition is all sugar and spice. But, that being said, it doesn’t mean that I can’t find some positives, if I take the time to look – the silver lining per se.

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