Whenever I get to thinking I’m doing amazing, I find someone doing it better: A LESSON IN PERSPECTIVE.

Recently, I got out biked by a guy who was riding a cargo bike with two kids on the back.  It turned out to be a lesson in perspective.

And it got me questioning my fitness, something I pride myself on, and it got me questioning the success of my crusade to be a minimal car use family.  I mean, I’ve been focusing a lot of energy lately on getting us back out on our bikes and out of our van.  And, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  But this guy, he had me beat.

Not only was he faster than me, when I was solo and he definitely wasn’t, but there was also no way I would’ve biked up that hill with my kids in tow – I would’ve gone around the longer, flatter way.

Was I just fooling myself?  Was it time to throw in the towel and stop pretending that I was actually accomplishing anything or had any right to give advice?

Or was it a lesson in perspective and loving yourself where you’re at? Click To Tweet
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Was it really backpacking if it was only 2 km?

If you’ve been reading along with me, you already know that I’ve been obsessed with getting off the beaten path, out of the overcrowded campsites, and back into the serenity of the backcountry with my six-year old twins.  If you haven’t been following along, you can read about our inaugural backpacking trip here and how we prepared here.

But looking back on the adventures of the summer, it might possibly be time for a reality check. Click To Tweet

I’ve been really proud about finally getting my twins out on the trail with their backpacks on their backs and actually backpacking.

But let’s get real for a moment.  From the parking lot to the far end of Mystic Beach, where we pitched our tent, is a grand total of 2.3km (1.5 miles for those of you who don’t do metric).   Does that even count?  Or is that more like a gentle stroll around the block with the dog?

Did we actually accomplish anything noteworthy?

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I’VE GOT TWINS – The evolution of biking

I recently saw a poster with the following quote:

“The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.” Unknown Click To Tweet

And while I was unable to figure out whom to attribute the quote to, it doesn’t lessen the truth of the words.

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BACKPACKING – Choosing a pack for your twins (or any children really)

The decision has been made to go on a backpacking trip with your young twins (or any combination of young children.)

 The destination has been chosen – in our case Mystic Beach in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.


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As I was planning for my inaugural backpacking trip with my six-year old twins, I spent a lot of time planning what our meals would be.

There are lots of options when choosing what kind of food to take backpacking, and let’s be honest, food can definitely make or break a trip.  So what should you take?

Now that depends…

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STAYING ACTIVE – 10 reasons coming in last place is better

All my life I’ve strived to be #1 at something.  It hasn’t really happened yet, although my kids might tell you that I’m their #1 mom, my husband might say I’m his #1 wife, and my parents might say I’m their number one daughter – but I won those by default so… they don’t really count.

Since having my life engulfed by chronic pain, I’ve had several epiphanies and my latest is that I’ve been going about things all wrong.

There’s no need to struggle for an elusive spot on the winner’s podium because LAST PLACE is actually preferable. Click To Tweet

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BACKPACKING WITH YOUNG TWINS – What was in our packs?

When I decided to embark on PROJECT BACKPACKING with my 6 year-old twins, my mind immediately turned to trying to figure out EXACTLY what I needed to take for TWO NIGHTS on a wilderness beach.

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At the heart of PROJECT BACKPACKING (Learn more about the birth of PROJECT BACKPACKING) was the question:


The short answer is YES!  I just have to do things a little differently than when I go with my husband or friends.

The long answer would be the subject of another blog posting.  But read on for the lessons learned backpacking to Mystic Beach with my 6 year-old twins.

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The day of our inaugural backpacking trip had finally arrived.  The plan was for the twins and me to hike to Mystic Beach to camp right on the beach for two nights.  It was just me and two six year-olds with our packs on our backs. That’s right, I’m going backpacking with twins!

What could go wrong?

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CHRONIC PAIN – So, I chose not to run.

I’ve had a lesson in keeping challenges flexible.

The day of third race in the Vancouver Island Trail Running Series came, and I made the decision NOT to run.

Okay, I’d mostly made the decision the night before, but it took the light of day shining on the reality of the situation to truly convince me of what I NEEDED to do.

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