Getting Back to Living Sugar-Free in 4 Easy Steps

Living sugar-free is a healthy choice. But, it isn’t an easy one. So what do you do when despite your best intentions you can’t stop consuming too much sugar?

You use these 4 sugar-busting strategies to get you back on track and living sugar-free.


There are two types of people: those who can resist sugar and those who can’t.

The ease with which you banish sugar from your life is going to depend on what kind of person you are.

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My (almost) Sugar-Free Egg Nog Substitute – Keeping Christmas Sweet Minus the Sugar

With the Christmas season here, I’ve been wracking my brain for ways to reduce the amount of sugar my children are consuming.  Christmas has many delights: egg nog, music, lights, visits to Santa, parades and SUGARY TREATS.  What’s a mom to do?

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Let me set the scene for you. We arrived at the Esquimalt Lantern festival just after supper.  We’d been healthy and gentle on the environment by riding our bikes.  We were ready to enjoy some good community fun, and what was the first thing my twins see?

It wasn’t the beautiful lanterns on display.

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My Low-Sugar Lentil Brownie Recipe

What on earth do you do when you misjudge how many lentils to cook?  Especially, if your kids balked at the meal you made with those lentils?

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KEEPING MY KIDS SUGAR-FREE – 8 strategies for breaking the sugar-cycle

I’ve had a life-long struggle with sugar – well at least since I was an adolescent – but being ‘sugar-free’ isn’t just about me and my ‘sugar addiction,’ I’m also trying to minimize the amount of sugar my kids eat.  I’m trying to teach them to live a ‘sugar-free’ life.  My ultimate goal is keeping my kids sugar-free.

I’m trying to make sugar-free (or at least low sugar) normal.

My hope was that if I started them out early on a ‘sugar-free’ path, maybe I could break the societal cycle of celebrating sugar – or just celebrating every aspect of life with sugary treats.

Yes, I recognize that this was a naïve goal.  I mean, despite my own parents’ efforts to raise me on wholesome meals and minimize junk, I’ve had sugar issues that stretch back into my childhood.  I can remember sneaking sugar to satisfy my intense cravings.

I remember eating the jam from the jar.

But I still think it’s important to try.

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My Fruit Sweetened Muffin Recipe

My twins LOVE to help me bake.  When trying to be sugar-free or at least sugar-aware, baking can be challenging because, of course, most baked goods are sweet – at least the ones I like.

Maple sugar and honey are still sugar.

I’ve searched for ‘sugar-free’ recipes, but have found that recipes listed as sugar-free are often just free of processed white sugar.  The recipes are often sweetened with maple syrup or honey – which, I hate to break it to you, are still sugar.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t on my approved list either.

If the recipes don’t have overt sugar added, then they have some form of artificial sweetener – I also try to avoid these.  Some of these, like aspartame, I avoid even more strenuously than sugar.

So what to do?

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LIVING SUGAR-FREE – 5 strategies for waging the sugar battle


I can’t quite remember the moment it happened.  I mean, I guess I always knew it on some level – but if I remember correctly, it took watching a documentary on the dangers of sugar for me to clue in that I needed to start living sugar-free.

Not sure why I needed someone to tell me.  Now that I’ve figured it out, it seems like one of those COMMON-SENSE things.

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It wasn’t like I grew up in a household where it was a sugar free for all.  In fact, my mom worked hard to keep our meals healthy and limit the amount of processed and sugary foods we ate.  We really only had them when we’d go camping, and that was only to prevent my brothers and me from going crazy when we’d go to birthday parties and such.

Anyway, I watched a documentary.  I could probably figure out which one, if I thought about it hard enough, but the exact one isn’t important.   What is important is that it suddenly dawned on me that the sugary comfort food that I was liberally consuming was basically POISONING me. Continue reading “LIVING SUGAR-FREE – 5 strategies for waging the sugar battle”