DOUBLE TROUBLE IN FLIGHT – 5 Tips for Flying with Twins + 3 Tips for Choosing a Flight

I was sitting in the departure lounge at the airport, waiting to fly to Ottawa to see an old friend (old in that we’ve been friends for a long time, not that she’s old – not that there’s anything wrong with being old 😉 ).  As I sat, I watched my 7 year-old twins play, and I couldn’t help thinking back to how different it was to travel with my twins when they were little.  I realized that I’d learned some lessons that might help others.

Out of that walk down memory lane came these 5 Tips for Flying with Twins, plus 3 Tips for Selecting a Flight 🙂 .

Some of the tips I learned the hard way.  Okay, I pretty much learned all of them the hard way 😉 .

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TWIN HACKS – Creating Your Own Audiobooks For Kids

I know that I say this a lot, but parenting twins is tough.  Actually parenting in general is tough.  It’s essential to get some tricks in your toolbox.  So, today I give you a TWIN HACKS: creating your own audiobooks.

Feel free to use the HACK with any kids not just twins 😉 !

We’ve always tried to limit the amount of screen time our twins are allowed; especially when they were little.  But, every parent needs some down time, even if it’s just so you can get dinner cooked.

With twins, getting a free moment to get anything done is challenging.  Someone always needs you for something.  Enter the audiobook. Continue reading “TWIN HACKS – Creating Your Own Audiobooks For Kids”

TWINS – One birthday party or two? A lesson in simplifying


The introduction of twins into my life was akin to inviting two tornadoes into my home.

The chaos feels constant.

I try to remind myself to keep it simple – SIMPLIFY is my new catch phrase (or maybe it’s more like a coping mechanism).  But it’s not always easy.

And I’m learning that birthday parties are no exception.

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I’VE GOT TWINS – The evolution of biking

I recently saw a poster with the following quote:

“The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems.” Unknown Click To Tweet

And while I was unable to figure out whom to attribute the quote to, it doesn’t lessen the truth of the words.

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BACKPACKING WITH YOUNG TWINS – What was in our packs?

When I decided to embark on PROJECT BACKPACKING with my 6 year-old twins, my mind immediately turned to trying to figure out EXACTLY what I needed to take for TWO NIGHTS on a wilderness beach.

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At the heart of PROJECT BACKPACKING (Learn more about the birth of PROJECT BACKPACKING) was the question:


The short answer is YES!  I just have to do things a little differently than when I go with my husband or friends.

The long answer would be the subject of another blog posting.  But read on for the lessons learned backpacking to Mystic Beach with my 6 year-old twins.

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The day of our inaugural backpacking trip had finally arrived.  The plan was for the twins and me to hike to Mystic Beach to camp right on the beach for two nights.  It was just me and two six year-olds with our packs on our backs. That’s right, I’m going backpacking with twins!

What could go wrong?

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THE LOGISTICS OF TWINS – Hiking by stages

My twins were still pretty little when the itch to get back out into the wild began to be unbearable.  But as amazing as my double stroller was, it was useless for rugged hiking trails.  How was I going to do it?  I needed to figure out “hiking by stages.”

I immediately went to the internet and started a ‘googling’ frenzy; I can be pretty focused when I’m on a mission – one might venture to say obsessed even.  The thing was, I couldn’t really find anything on the internet about hiking with infant twins.  My conclusion was that there wasn’t any information out there, and I was on my own to figure it out.

I’m refusing to acknowledge the possibility that I just completely sucked at using internet search engines.

So, I’m here to share with WHAT I LEARNED about hiking with infant and toddler twins.

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AN ACTIVE PARENT OF TWINS – It’s all about logistics

Having twins makes everything harder, especially when their young.  Does that mean you have to give everything up? Or can you be an active parent of twins?

When I first saw the two little bean-shaped beings on the ultra-sound and realized that we were having twins, I was elated.

My first thought was that this was one of the most amazing things that could’ve happened to us at this moment in time.  I mean every little girl that dreams about having a baby secretly dreams about how perfect it would be to have twins, right? And getting pregnant hadn’t been easy for us (thus seeing our two babies for the first time when they were only a few weeks old and looked like beans instead of humans).

Plus, let’s not forget that I wasn’t getting any younger; so, two at once was just right.

My second thought was do I have to give up the active lifestyle that I love because how on earth can I take two babies hiking let alone backpacking? And obviously, I can’t take them on my bike once they out grow the trailer…

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